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Birth Doula Support

Basic birth doula package: $1,000
Includes unlimited informational support (phone/email), 2 in-person prenatal visits, continuous labor and birth support, and 1 in-person postpartum visit

Additional visits and services: $65 each



Let's meet to discuss more details on the support I offer and how you might benefit. We can schedule a Zoom consultation or meet in person at your favorite local spot!


Continuous support during labor provides measurable benefits for both new and experienced parents. This support includes physical comfort, such as massage/counterpressure and help with positioning, and emotional support, such as encouragement and reassurance.


As your doula, I will provide continuous support via information and resources throughout your pregnancy. I am available throughout your pregnancy via phone/email to discuss questions and concerns.


My basic package includes 1 postpartum visit, where we will debrief the birth and discuss present concerns. I can also provide referrals for postpartum doulas and other community resources. 


Share your concerns, your preferences, and your questions about your birth during our prenatal visits. We can discuss concerns, talk about additional resources, work on your birth plan, and practice hands-on comfort measures. My basic package includes 2 prenatal visits.


Coming home from the hospital with a newborn can be soured by a mess at home that you didn't get the chance to clean up. Let me make coming home a little sweeter by including my home preparation service in your package. I will do some basic tidying up and preparing the home for the arrival of your new family member. Of course, I can also provide this service if you birth at home.


Get in touch to learn more or set up a free consultation!

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